CEO 배너이미지 CEO 배너이미지

Daebang Construction, while closely communicating with the company,
its members and customers, will put everyone's happiness and mutual harmony first

Welcome to Daebang Construction.
I am Gu Chanwoo, the president and CEO of Daebang Construction.

First of all, we would like to sincerely thank our customers for their unwavering trust and love.

Daebang Construction has been challenging new things with advanced thinking and practice,
and has created infinite value in construction as a leader in the new housing culture development.
Daebang Construction does not stop there and would like to realise a bigger dream together with you with a new brand.

Under the mindset of growing together, we will create an environment that provides more differentiated services
by enhancing the competitiveness of each individual employee and organisations.
We will put everyone's happiness first through trust and harmony among the corporation and
the corporation and members of the organisation and communication with customers.

With the introduction of new technologies and a rational management method through
the corporate philosophy of Honesty and diligence, Harmony in one heart, and Creative development since its foundation,
we promise to be with you as a representative construction company chosen by our customers.

Thank you.

CEO of Daebang Construction Co., Ltd. Gu Chanwoo