Register a Partner

Daebang Construction considers its partners like family and
promotes joint development based on a mutual win-win strategy.

Type of construction subject to registration

  • Construction work

    Steel frame, formwork, reinforcing bar, concrete, pile driving, lookout, plastering, waterproofing, interior, wooden windows, metal, windows, glass, interior stone, caulking, wall papering, painting, roof, furniture, sign mall, flooring, etc.
    All types of construction related to architecture

  • Civil engineering works

    Earth work, incidental civil engineering,
    fence installation, landscaping planting, facility construction, etc.
    All types of construction related to civil engineering

  • Electrical work

    Electricity, elevator,
    generator installation work, etc.
    All types of construction related to electricity

  • Facility construction

    Facilities, city gas,
    septic tank construction, etc.
    All types of construction related to

  • Eligibility criteria
    for registration

    A company that has been registered or licensed under the Construction Administration Act for 3 years,
    and is a partner of a construction company in group 2 or higher (Attach the confirmation of registration as a third-party partner and confirmation of excellent partner)

    Credit rating (B- or higher), cash flow rating (C- or higher) as a credit rating company for eCredible DNA (corporate credit certification service) and E-construction performance

  • Required
    documents for

    Issuance of eCredible Co., Ltd. (credit evaluation report, performance certificate), contractors name, other company introduction and product introduction file attached

  • How to register

    Visit our website
    See the pop-up on the website during the registration period