New attitude of Daebang Construction’s approach to life



Daebang Construction provides the best value to customers based
on the challenge and innovation for new spaces.

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Daebang Construction
builds customer happiness
with an honest corporate philosophy

We would like to show you a value-oriented housing culture based on
Daebang Construction's technology and know-how accumulated since 1991.

We have a sense of duty to build a good house where customers
can enjoy a more comfortable life, and we will always do our best.


Daebang Construction tries to communicate
with customers in a new way

  • Honesty and diligence

    We value our promises to customers, society,
    and employees as if it were life, and we will faithfully
    keep our pride and morals of construction engineers.

  • Harmony in one heart

    A company that is not chosen by customers cannot
    maintain its vitality. All members of our company will do
    their best under the unified goal of customer satisfaction.

  • Creative development

    We will further enhance our market competitiveness
    by developing creative technologies that serve as a stepping
    stone for corporate growth through the introduction
    of new technologies and the training system for technicians.