Personnel System

Talents through Systematic Training

We spare no effort in providing the best welfare and systematic education system
to nurture passionate young global talents to lead Daebang.

Thanks to you, the future of Daebang is bright.

Personnel system

  • Rank system

    Staff Senior Staff Assistant Manager Manager Deputy Manager Director
  • Salary system

    Full-time employee annual salary based on ability and performance

  • Reward system

    Long-term employee award, selecting and rewarding excellent employees and the best employees, suggestion award

Training system

  • Philosophy

    Human education + technology education + future education

  • In-house training

    OJT training + in-house job training + computerised training

  • Outsourced training

    Hierarchical training + external job training + external instructor invitation training + communication training

Benefits programs

  • 4 major insurances

    Basic insurance for workers
    to work with confidence
    (Occupational health and safety insurance, Employment, Health, National Pension)

  • Regular health check-ups

    Regular health check-ups to
    maintain health and prevent diseases

  • Qualification allowance payment

    Qualification allowance paid to those
    who have the necessary qualifications for the company

  • Travel expenses

    Support for domestic and overseas travel
    expenses and full-time travel expenses

  • Dormitory provided

    Dormitories are provided for on-site and
    dispatched employees who have difficulty commuting to and from work

  • Recreation facilities

    Use of company-owned condos
    for leisure and family recreation

  • Support for congratulations
    and condolences

    Payment of congratulations and
    congratulations and congratulations
    and condolences leaves

  • Support for in-house clubs

    Support for revitalization of clubs
    for leisure, friendship, study, etc.

  • Gifts

    Gifts prepared for employees

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