Daebang Construction’s organisational power to turn the impossible into possible


We become one and soar towards the beautiful summit.
The organisational system in which Daebang Construction’s know-how is gathered is the know-how of business success.



Planning and Coordination Office

Business Management Team

PR team

Information Strategy Team

Legal Office

In-house Legal Team

Litigation Management Team

Management Division

General Affairs Department

Secretary Team

Personnel Team

General Affairs Team

Safety and Health Management Department

Safety and Health Management Team

Accounting Department

Tax Team

Accounting Team 1

Accounting Team 2

Finance Department

Fund Team

Sales Division

Sales Department

Sales Plan Team 1

Sales Plan Team 2

Sales Promotion Team

Commercial Planning Team

Sales Management Department

Income Management Team

Rental Management Team

Sales Management Team 1

Sales Management Team 2

Shopping Center Management Team

Development Business Division

Development Business Department 1

Development Project Team 1

Development Business Department 2

Development Project Team 2

Development Project Team 3

Development Project Team 4

Business Department

Work Team

Information Team

Public Affairs Division

Public Affairs Department

Material Team

Construction Outsourcing Team

Civil Engineering Outsourcing Team

Technical Division

Department of Architecture

Architecture Team 1

Architecture Team 2

Technology Development Team

Electrical Department

Electricity Team

Facility Team

Budget Estimation Department

Execution Budget Team

Order Budget Team

Customer Satisfaction Department

On-site customer satisfaction team 1

On-site customer satisfaction team 2

On-site customer satisfaction team 3

HQ Customer Satisfaction Team

Civil Engineering Division

Civil Engineering Department

Civil engineering team 1

Civil engineering team 2

Design Division

Design Department

Design Team 1

Design Team 2

Rescue Team

Planning and Design Team

Product Development Department

External Design Team

Internal Design Team